Winter Camp

Winter is typically a time when we become sedentary, indoor creatures. This is an opportunity for kids to be active, healthy and breathing the fresh mountain air, doing a wide variety of outdoor activities that encourage healthy living – physically, mentally and spiritually.

The philosophy and goals of Winter Camp are the same as in our Summer camp programs: to help develop relationships and values within and between our youth. Only by spending time together in a structured setting, we can develop our relationships, build our leadership skills and develop associated self-confidence and social responsibility.

How Winter Camp will benefit you?

  • Deep dive into new skills
  • Fun and Entertaining
  • Nurtures Friendships
  • Leads to creativity
  • Teaches Teamwork
  • Intellectually Engaged

Winter Camp usually runs from the month of December to January.

Young English learners will be enrolled in the Kids class. This would be for students aged 7 to 15 years old. Students aged 15 years and above would attend the adult class. There is no age limit for the Winter Camp.

Students are not required to apply for visa. Winter Camp is considered educational tourism.

Sheffield Academy does not recommend children below the age of 15 to travel unaccompanied, but if parents want their children to attend the Winter Camp, we advise that they appoint a guardian in Malaysia to assist their children while they study here. Please also check with relevant airlines regarding travel restrictions for children below the age of 15. Different airlines have their own policies and requirements.

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