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To Sheffield Academy Malaysia

Thank you for your interest in Sheffield academy. We are committed to providing quality education and learning to students from different parts of the world.

Students at Sheffield academy benefit from our highly qualified teachers with real-life, and best experience in learning English language and the global business arena. We offer world-class standards in English language, Business management, Information Technology and hospitality Management.

Sheffield academy education equips students with English language and vocational skills, knowledge and exposure to current business management and work experience required to excel in our competitive society.

Programs at Sheffield are state-of-the-art, comprehensive and of high quality and standard, which provide the students with a solid foundation in business techniques, and prepare them for their chosen career.

Sheffield’s academic system is always committed to complying with the local quality standards which include the endorsement from Ministry of Education, Malaysia and the Malaysian Qualification Agency. Besides that, we also ensure that our academic quality and certifications are recognized by a variety of universities overseas as well as professional bodies from the United Kingdom, Australia, USA etc.

Whatever age and ambition, I am confident and convinced that Sheffield academy can assist our students achieve even beyond their goals or dreams. Your personal development and welfare are of great value to us. We look forward to meeting with each student, to discuss how we can complement your background and help you achieve your goals.

CEO Of Sheffield Academy


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